STEVE FISHMAN: MUSICIAN   (aka Steve Trash, Steve Lawrence, The MAnFish)                                     

"Would you mind playing bass"   Paul McCartney          

VIDEO: WTF is Steve Fishman?

Writer, producer, player (basses, guitars, upright, keys, electronica, etc) has performed and recorded worldwide in hallowed studios and stages from punk dives to Live 8, in legendary studios with top producers... "Late Night" TV series band (UK). Vintage, esoteric and modern gear & toys for unique sounds at his Aladdins Cave studios or anywhere in the time-space intergalaxy.

For collaborations, projects etc. Here are some musical EXAMPLES and MOVING IMAGE ART with music.

CREDITS: Hugh Cornwell (Stranglers), Blondie, Chrome (industrial pioneers), James Chance, Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), FKA Twigs, Beans (Antipop), Dave Vanian (Damned), OK GO, David Devant & HSW, Deadbeats-Bent, FarFlung, YMO, SIr Jonathan Ross' "Late Night" TV band (with The Attractions ft guests: Paul McCartney, Roy Orbison, Elton John etc), EPI...