"The Velvet Underground only sold 30,000 copies initially... but everyone who bought one started a band" Brian Eno.

The Velvet Underground & The Warhol Factory Live 1966. Its Back!


We've brought back to life the first major collaboration between the art world and rock n roll (and its most important one). The Velvet Underground, Andy Warhol, The Factory, Paul Morrissey and more. Scenius: it was history in the making... Add Bowie, Iggy, Morrison, Edie, Dylan, John, Yoko, Jimmy Page, The Stones and so many more to this legendary event that spawned alternative, punk, indie, underground music, subculture and concert craft as we know it. Last seen in 1967... its back with an all-star band and mad multimedia production.

All the VU experts at Rolling Stone, Pitchfork etc. thought our versions were the actual Velvet Underground. Thats quite a compliment. The intent is to recreate both the original experience as most of missed it 1st time around and next an all new spawn of the EPI version.  

EXTRA EXTRA! COMING SOON - EPI 3.0. The Spawn of EPI. All new 21st Century version with new music, visuals and performance, yet true to the original concept. TBA 2022

Why Why the E.P.I.?

Importance, precedence & global influence

Like so many rabid music fans and musicians who were drawn towards alternative, art-based, punk and other non-mainstream music, we considered The Velvet Underground the epitome of cool, art factor and real. It was a major formative part of adolescence & musical perspective.

WHO CAME FIRST I asked myself? In terms of cutting edge innovation both live and on record, The VU and were the earliest, most influential, cutting edge band imho. The Pink Floyd being my other pick. The Beatles stopped playing live in '66 and then Jimi appeared in 67. Also the VU's music is rarely presented live. I often daydreamed as a kid listening to the VU about being at the EPI knowing it would never happen...  Light bulb goes on in head. 

Btw... Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets live is a superb taste of Pink Floyd's early genius, not to mention the all-star band.