"The music floored me -- how could these classic manifestations of glam and proto-punk have escaped my notice?... “Bubbling Up” blasts effervescence from first to last. A glorious surprise." Greg Burk - Metal Jazz

MUSIC ART & MOTION: Records, Video-Art, NFTs, Installations to create 50 intermedia works that include collabs w/ Tim Buckley, William Burroughs, Hugh Cornwell (Stranglers), Beans, Chrome, Clem Burke, Greg Corso, Doug Aitkin, Shawn Lee, more tba... 

Join us as we create new works. 

Produced at Aladdins Cave US & UK. 



Personnel: VOCALS - Tim Buckley, William Burroughs, Hugh Cornwell (The Stranglers), Beans, Pamela Hutchinson (The Emotions), Rob Gallagher, Shawn Lee, Steve Trash, Gregory Corso, Art Starr, Yumiko Shinozaki, Nikki, Irene Peet, Paul Dawson, ManFish... DRUMS - Clem Burke, Shawn Lee, Denny Weston, Brain, Chris Bell, Brad Pitt, Jesse Johnstone, Seve, ManFish... GUITAR: Hugh Cornwell, Helios Creed, Jon Klein, Roman Jugg, Tom Livemore, ManFish... BASS - ManFish... KEYS & SYNTHS: Paul Beard, Doug Aitkin, Thomas Johansen, Tommy Grenas, Yumiko Shinozaki, ManFish... STUDIO: Dave Russell ("Get It Right"), Tom Elmhurst (on "DH"), Paul Reeve ("Cool Me"), Arno Bascunana, Thomas Johansen, Jon Klein (Spacebaby), Damian Wagner, Kevin Dippold, Chris Nakata, ManFish (if it sounds good it probably wasnt me)... SAX - Tracy Wannomae  SITAR - Shawn Lee, ADDL: "Burning Pier": Improv sounds- John Balkin, Bunk Gardner, Buzz Gardner, Lee Underwood, Maury Baker.  Bo Ningen on "In & Out". Dwindle Family Orchestra - Kenny Long, Rick Cox, Jon Eric Greenberg, Todd Dwindle, Dale Turner, Russell Conlon, Alain Johannes on "Ladies Explosion".  ManFish also plays Upright Bs, Koto, Oud, Manjo, Electronic Percussion, Musical Toys, Squakophone.